Gadget Reviews – Folding Umbrella with Electric Fan – Fanbrella

Anti-UV Sunny and Rainy Long-handle Umbrella With Fan


Umbrellas are famous for how they keep you dry, BUT have you ever use an umbrella to protect you from the hot sun? Take your comfort to the next level with this awesome UV resistant umbrella, with an integrated fan! Just unfold the umbrella, hit the switch and feel the breeze as the collapsible built-in fan starts to spin. This umbrella fan is perfect for hanging out by the water, on hikes, on the golf course or just about anywhere when a cool breeze is needed!

Additional Details.

  • ✔ # 1 BEST FOLDING UMBRELLA PROTECTS YOU FROM THE SUN AND KEEPS YOU COOL WITH THE BUILT-IN FAN. Avoid exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and protect yourself from UV rays and keep cool at the same time with the built-in battery operated fan inside the umbrella on the underside. Easy access handy on-off switch for the located on the handle for easy convenience.
  • ✔ UV PROTECTED NYLON FABRIC WATERPROOF RAIN UMBRELLA can also be used on the beach, on the golf course, patio, beach, poolside, in the garden, sporting events, outdoor activities or during travel. Fabric protects and avoid exposure from UV Rays. Avoid exposure to excessive sun, and harmful sunlight that can cause skin burns during sunny days.
  • ✔ BUILT-IN FAN FOLDS AUTOMATICALLY WHEN FOLDING THE UMBRELLA. Innovative built-in fan is designed and positioned in such a way inside the umbrella towards the top that it folds automatically when the umbrella is folded for storage.
  • ✔ GREAT FOR SPORTING EVENTS, BEACH, POOL, RAIN, GARDEN, GOLF AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Large umbrella measures 48 inches in curvature length, and ample comfortable linear width of 40 inches folds to an elegant length of 34 inches. Fan works on 4 AA Size batteries (not included).