Amazons “Echo Spot”

Amazon wants to replace your alarm clock with the all-new Echo Spot


Amazon (AMZN) wants to take your over bedside table by replacing your old-school alarm clock.

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The Seattle-based tech giant announced the all-new Echo Spot at a company event on Wednesday. Available for pre-order Wednesday and shipping this December, the $129 Echo Spot is a nearly 5-inch globe-shaped device with a 2.5-inch color screen that shows a clock by default.

The Echo Spot essentially does everything the Echo Show and Echo speaker do, including recognizing voice commands to give you the news, play music, hail you an Uber, even play video, albeit in a much smaller and — dare I say it — more attractive package.

The Echo Spot also sports Bluetooth connectivity in case you want to sync up third-party devices like wireless headphones, as well as Amazon’s highly touted, new second-generation far-field technology so the device can better, more accurately recognize your voice from farther away.

Amazon’s Echo Spot joins a slew of other product announcements the company unleashed don Wednesday, including a new, cheaper Echo speaker for just $99.